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Run Cole Run! (Love Is Blind Reunion)

I loved the Love Is Blind reunion. Everyone who stayed together should be together. Zanab accused Cole of giving her low self-esteem. Zanab internalized all of society’s pressure for her to be thin and once Cole told her to save her appetite, she jumped on that because that is her trigger. First of all Zanab has a great body. I look at her and see a pretty woman. What does Zanab see when she looks in the mirror is another story. To me, in my opinion, she gives Cole low self-esteem. Women often put pressures on themselves that guys are not.  I think that Alexa got herself a husband who will say yes to everything which is sad. He seemed like such a good guy during the show but I didn’t like him during the reunion. I’m not sure that makes for a strong marriage. I won’t be surprised if SK and Raven spend a lifetime together and none of the other couples survive, not that Raven is the greatest by any stretch of the imagination, but if she does the work, she can get there.  Col

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