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It's All Elmo's Fault (He Started It!)

    " The Day Sesame Street Died " Video Source and Credit: Entertain The Elk on YouTube. I do not own or make claim to any of the information or IP contained in the video above. Happy 2024 (Or So We Hope)!!! Yeah, I haven't written in this space for a minute (long story, trailers to come), but I have been actively educating and enlightening myself on world news and views while at the same time reviewing the information I think I know or thought I knew.  This particular video caught my eye on one of my sojourns in that direction and after viewing it, I felt compelled to say a few things.  I invite you to watch and agree/disagree with the creator's viewpoint and message.   At first glance, you may roll your eyes and think "hater" or "OK, Boomer", but I'm assured that neither of those are factual.  I myself relate to the theme and the evidence the narrator presents (he could have gone much further and turned it into a thesis project if he wanted

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