Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Like I've Been There Forever

Somewhere in this world, there is a man who says that he's a failure for not sustaining a brilliant effort that has spawned even more brilliance within itself. He should not feel this way. Not at all. Because he should take a good look at where that brilliance has gone and what it has fostered on it's own. He should be proud of what has become of the persons, places and things that can trace themselves back to his efforts. He should enjoy the shade of the tree that generated from what he planted, or tended to in his own domain.

I owe so much to Bronx Banter for being here and sharing my idiocy with you, but I owe a tremendous amount of thanks to Ken Arneson, founder of Baseball Toaster. His design of the umbrella site for some of the best baseball blog writing in cyberspace captured my attention, and his guidance within helped to shape my attitudes in space itself. It is a place where you feel like you've been there forever.

I told my friend Alex Belth about how bad I felt about this, "like when you leave home and come back later and it's gone." I've come very close to visiting my old neighborhood in Wappingers Falls, going as far as within a minute drive of turning up the familiar road to my old address. But something always turns me back, and I think of what Uncle Woodrow says:

"Don't ever go back; in your mind, home is still there and in your reality, it always will be. "

Happy Birthday, Ken, and Happy Retirement. Hope we'll see you grace cyberspace again soon.

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