Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Out Of Order

I know what you're looking for, an article about my reaction to Obama's election. Well ya gets none... yet. I'm working on putting together a bigger piece with all my fellow posters and a few of you guys and gals to present varied perspectives of our initial reaction, and there you'll find my long-winded analysis (if not my own, certainly Macedonia and Call Me Ismael should have a lot to say)...

No, this is just to let you know I'm sick again with a recurring theme of abscess-removal (this time in a more visible location, thus I'm hiding out in my apartment until the healing process has run it's course. I honestly don't know what's causing them; it could be that my apartment is crowded and my roommate has made it even more crowded with the addition of pet guinea pigs, it could be that said guinea pigs were caught frolicking on my bed and the chief offender was unrepentant until threatened with immediate eviction and bodily harm (not necessarily in that order), it could be that I came off a very stressful assignment with Celebrity Apprentice 2 (bad crew people, bad show, bad etc.), it could be that I find PAing wholly unfulfilling, abusive and a poor source of income (so I have to advance quickly in film production or die trying), or it could be good ol' fashioned stress.

Whatever the case may be, a lot of factors have to change soon if I'm to break this nasty little cycle. I'm thinking leave NYC quick, fast and in a hurry, but then what? Cali's much worse off than NYC, believe it or not. So I continue in my recovery and eventual return to the hectic pace of production, with a good notion that I may be practicing my directorial chops very soon. As usual, I'll keep you informed >;)


Anonymous said...

Now, now Mr Chyll Will. I'll have no more talk of this "advance quickly in film production or die trying." No sir-ee. You will take care of yourself, and wait until you are feeling tip-top before you venture out into that cruel concrete jungle of NYC. Otherwise, Team Truett and I may just have to come down there and give you a heaping dose of "1989," complete with cartoons on the back of homework assignments and Ozzarks drawn on the desks!
Peace...Taiter Tot

Chyll Will said...

That deserves a very big "WOW!" from yours truly. And I might add you may make more than a few fans here very happy indeed if you were to commit to such a venture... >;)