Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Dear Sister (My "Columbus Discovered America" Moment)

While I am sick, I've been spending a little time tooling around YouTube, looking at cartoon and kids show bloopers (I can't wait to get my hands on the original Electric Company DVD with outtakes), when I stumbled across a Super Mario Bros. "blooper" video that turned out to be a parody of a sure-fire classic SNL skit by Adam Samberg (see all figures below).

I was totally bewildered by it when I first watched, but the comments lead me to other parodies and eventually the original SNL skit. This, in tur
n, led to the source of the parody itself, the ending scene of Season 2 of The OC, a show I would normally scoff at as pandering trash (well, perhaps I am being harsh, but so what >;)

Putting it all together, I was thus laughing myself silly when I returned to the SMB parody, which upon further research was one of the very few original takes on the parody. For so
me reason, the SNL parody itself has inspired a million parodies and copycats of its own.

I've listed the videos in the recommended order of viewing (don't worry, there are only four here); I picked the two videos after the original and the SNL parody because of their original variant from the normal set of parodies. Watch these in order below and I guarantee you'll be laughing for days. I'm starting to feel better already! >;)

1.) The OC Season 2 Finale (The Source of the SNL Parody, see figure above!)

2.) Dear Sister (The Original SNL Parody)

3.) Parody of SNL Dear Sister (Jean Claude Van-Damme version)

4.) Super Mario Brothers "Dear Sister" Parody (Hooray for "originality"!)

While you're at it, you might also check out the Kappa Mikey versi
on of that Avenue Q song (you know which one) which, followed by the Sesame Street version, is the best-crafted on YouTube.

Oh, and that song is called "Hide & Seek" by Imogen Heap. Really nice, but the video leaves something to be desired. (I think Enya is better right now, honestly.)

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