Saturday, January 10, 2015

Further Reason To Believe Disney Learned Almost Nothing From Its Acquisition Of Pixar, But It Doesn't Matter Anyway Because You're Stupid

Anything that has children singing mindlessly in unison for no apparent reason and is simultaneously broadcast in every nook and cranny on the airwaves (and on the shelves of every store you walk into and out of) is probably Not A Good Thing.  But who the hell am I to complain, I'm just a alternately weird and grumpy uncle who refuses to have children of his own for various reasons (not the least of which is so they don't have to suffer through that). 

I'll let the guys from Cinema Sins explain further. Bottom line: Disney already knows how to manipulate and condition you, they just have much better tools to do it with... and yes, you're too dumb to notice, which is nothing they didn't already know. Carry on...

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