Friday, October 17, 2014

What's On Your Mind? "Facebook what?"

I don't update my Facebook status anymore.  It's pointless, really; only a few people actually react to anything I say and those are people who I could tolerate a phone call from.  The rest are people who just enjoy having me as a number on their list.  I don't get it, but I'm not that sociable to begin with, so it doesn't matter. I do like to check in with certain people who either educate or amuse me, but for the most part it's pure static. I have a static track on constant replay in iTunes on my desktop that I play at night to drown out annoying frequencies from outside or next door (or the next room), and the best part about that is I can turn the screen off and listen to the static in my sleep. My favorite is the brown noise; not the one from South Park, but remarkably resembling a television version of an earthquake-grumble, especially when I crank the bass all the way up...

But I digress. Facebook is fairly useless to me as a means of communication since few people read what I write there, and far more often than not I feel compelled to defend my beliefs than I do to express them. Therefore, I deleted the app from my phone and haven't updated since late August.

I noticed right away that the ads and suggestions that were constantly clogging my news feed virtually disappeared. Later, I noticed that regular updates from people on my friends list practically disappeared as well. Apparently since I wasn't generating enough activity on my own timeline, Facebook wasn't interested in me anymore.  Good, I'm glad we could agree on something.

Facebook to me has exposed so much hypocrisy about the current generation of citizens in this country and around the world that I almost get physically sick looking at the news feeds.  I'm guessing that this is what vegans feel about meat and dairy products. Or perhaps someone who quit smoking for long enough to have normal breathing and taste senses returned to them so that looking at a cigarette is like trying to obliterate it with your mind without it actually lighting up. There are lots of allegories and metaphors that suit comparison to giving up something that is ultimately bad for you, so take your pick and be creative.

At any rate, I find that I don't even feel like sharing my every waking thought even here, so don't expect daily updates unless my life gets really exciting.  I moved recently to a nicer apartment in a much nicer part of town, and I have a blog post in the works relating my experiences in the works, but don't wait up all night; I've got a class in general construction electricity that I'm taking on the weekends that I need to go to bed for, so we'll talk later.  G'nite!       


Unknown said...

I got tired of cursing out right wingers and ignoring the ignorant on facebook I give myself three minutes a day and thats usually it.

Jax said...

Logical. Flawlessly logical. :-)