Saturday, August 30, 2014

There But For The Sake Of Education Go I!

Joe Hunt and Isaiah Page
Congratulations to my nephew Isaiah Page for entering a new phase in his life, college.  He is attending SUNY Delhi to become a full-fledged auto mechanic; they have a well recommended auto mechanic program and a very nice-looking campus on the north edge of the Catskills and close enough to the Finger Lakes.  I will miss him terribly as he is like a son to me, but I hope that this gives him the opportunity and the independence he needs to thrive as a young adult in a changing economy and changing world.  Were it me, I would grasp this with both hands; learning a trade is not the most direct way to wealth or even comfort, but it is a solid enough base from which you may launch your dreams from without having to struggle inordinately.  I have in recent years taken up electrician work to refurbish a foundation that began in art, and while I have certainly not abandoned the prospect of being a recognized auteur (certainly not!), I have come to terms with the fact that I have to be a self-made wealthy person if I ever do become wealthy, and for now the trades afford me the best opportunity to build wealth without being obligated against my will to causes or authorities I do not support or who would otherwise manipulate and marginalize me or the things I believe in. Is it a pipe dream?

No. Simple as that.  Others have realized their dreams working as hard as I have, and I hope to follow that to my own success.

But this is not about me, but about a boy with simple plans and bigger dreams.  I wish you the best, nephew, and will continue to be in your corner as we fight our way to the top. 

Uncle Joe, Uncle Chyll, College Man and Mommy

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Jason Smith said...

Big ups to Isaiah. Wonderful news. :D