Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Look At All This Dust

I used to eat at this Mickey Ds when I worked in Brooklyn no more than two years ago from this date.  Though I now eschew McDonalds (and never particularly cared for the service at this one), finding it waiting to be replaced by an 11-story condo building is rather disquieting... Photo Credit: Gowanus In Your Face 
In my ongoing efforts to distance myself from social responsibility and being a leader of my community as well as a respectable adult of the human species, I'm taking time to update my blog.  Yes, blog.  I know few people actually do this sort of thing anymore because you have Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr and such, but I think hat's just why I need to do this.  I've always been the sort to distance himself from the crowd. Why, I remember in kindergarten I used to go outside and lie on top of the Snoopy house they had set up in the kindergarten playground, just like Snoopy would; meanwhile the rest of the class was inside doing whatever the scheduled group activity was (I dunno, nap time? Learning to read? They really needed to learn to keep up as far as I was concerned...) 

If this makes me arrogant, well then so be it. If you've read my past posts, you have a strong idea where that comes from. I guess that statement goes more for the random people who might be coming over here from Facebook after reading some of my status updates indicating that I was leaving Facebook, or replacing my profile with a link to his site.  I would suggest reading some of those past posts if you really want to get to know me, because they can be rather open about my thoughts.  I tried doing that on Facebook and got a lot of nothing for the most part.  If I really wanted that (and that's debatable at this point), why not do it somewhere I don't necessarily have to worry about the post being lost among millions of other voices straining for space on a limiting platform that will randomly censor me or redirect my personal information for its own interests? Maybe because doing so will require more work?

I've never been afraid of hard work, just working for nothing in return.  So I guess I have to make up a reason. How about the semblance of freedom? Unless I'm financially independent (which seems almost like a contradiction in terms), I'm not free in any capacity to do what I want.  But I am free to do what I wish during the times I'm not laboring for someone else's benefit and my meager recompense. I suppose I should assign an emotional value to that as well, as that would be the main impetus of my continued effort to purposely distance myself from social media. I'm not very social to begin with.  I know HOW to be sociable under certain circumstances, but not extroverted.  It's very draining, physically and emotionally.  I get headaches just thinking about it, which is often when I'm not doing anything challenging that will be of great benefit to me and maybe mankind (and being social is not the challenge I'm looking for, so there). 

I'll tell you what, I'm not going to be one of those people that fall off the grid entirely because they hate civilization or they committed a crime and have to live off the land until the heat is off. If anything, I am generous and engaging when the right subject is broached.  I'm just tired of all the noise.  You know what I mean, the noise.  I'll sit in my cyberspot for now and repost some of the content that interests me from Facebook or other places I visit throughout the day, and every now and then I'll throw in my own two cents.  That's about all I can do for now.  I don't have anyone that can inspire me to deconstruct the box I live in when I'm feeling like this, so I'll have to invent mind games or distract myself from my own thoughts with other's thoughts that I feel like processing without it having to be constantly crowded on me.  I don't like crowds, even when they pay.  But that's none of your business, right? >;)

Keep diggin' the dream, readers.  Sometimes you have to redirect and refocus in order to achieve.  I've never given up, even if you don't see me around.  I'm just digging in a different direction or straightening up the place.  For now.  

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Jason Smith said...

So I'll do something that people don't do a lot of these days, too: leave comments on blog posts.

Switch your game up when you need to, brother. Those of us who have love for you will always be watching, reading, listening. Respect...