Friday, May 15, 2009


Hey folks! Since the last scam alert has been successful in enlightening you on various types of (and one particular) job scams, not to mention causing the scam company some issues of their own (witness their pathetic attempts to counteract my warnings with bogus success stories); they have taken to hiding under a new name and number. Fortunately, armed with the new info I've given you from the last alert, you'll know what to look out for.

Whenever you see posts like these, ladies and gentlemen, flag them and/or report them to whatever publisher is posting them. Times are hard, we don't need scammers perpetuating the same garbage that has brought on the current conditions, no matter the reason they do it.

In short - The Employment Hotline is the same company as The Career Line, including the same $195 guaranteed placement fee. I wonder if anyone who has paid the fee and has not gotten a guaranteed placement in 90 days has asked for and received their money back. Hit us up with some stories, folks...

And also, if you find similar postings from this company or companies like it, then post it here and we'll repost it on a Rouges' Gallery of Scam Artists. TTFN!

See Previous Scam Alert About Same Company and What To Do To Protect Yourself.

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Anonymous said...

there's a similar posting today on craigslist

employment hotline but has a tulsa area code telephone number