Sunday, April 12, 2009

America and Obama are lying about the Pirates in Somalia!!!!!

Ok folks this is my first post on the Serious Consideration blogspot. I told Chyll Wyll I would only write about something I felt strongly about. Well, this is it. The Pirates of Somalia who fight the "Good Fight" against global tyranny and environmental terrorism. For years the Americans, and Europeans(white people) have been dumping their waste into the coastal waters of Somalia and other poor impoverished countries in Africa and around the globe without remorse or care for the results that this toxic dumping has had on the environment and the people of these lands. The other factor that mainstream media has neglected to mention is the fact that these protectors who are now dubbed pirates did not start off as such. They actually started as a volunteer Coast Guard consisting of local fisherman whose mission it was to protect the country, the environment, the people, and their very livelihoods from the poisonous dumping of radioactive and biohazardous materials into their coastal region. After exhausting all other possibilities of reason with these foreign devils they have put their feet down and said, "This is where we draw the line, enough is enough..." and started to attack those who seek leisure in their country at the expense of their environment. What did these devils think was going to happen? Do you think that you can continue to terrorize people in their own homes without consequence forever? Apparently that is not the case, a painfully obvious fact to which America and Europe and being forcefully awakened to. The fact that people around the world will no longer take their shit lying down. I say it is about time given the history of the relationship Africans have had with people of no color(white people) that someone is standing up and fighting at all cost against these regimes of terror that have plagued the continent for so long dating back to Alexander The Great and beyond. And sad enough, this is all going down and being continued under the watch of "The annointed One" Obama. This my dear readers just go to prove that despite the fact we have a blackman in the office, the legacy of "houseniggery" and "samboism" continues. Notice while on the presidential campaign he did not make statements that put his allegiance to his own people and some people; intellects who are friends gladly accepted his lack of stance as ok saying, "Well, if he makes a statement about the plight of Black people, he will never get elected..." or better yet(my personal favorite to hear from the fearful), "Well, once he gets in, he change his position and begin to do things for the other people of color[who voted for him]". To those spineless folk I say only one thing; What if Rosa was afraid of being arrested? What if Harriet Tubman decided the consequences out weighed the righteousness of her actions? What if Martin and Malcolm X were afraid that they may have to pay the ultimate price? Here we have a blackman afraid that he will not be elected or re-elected and you still voted for him and for cowardice? Those pirates are very brave and may they continue the fight to put our oppressors on their asses. And before any of you dare make the claim that my sentiment is unpatriotic, realize that mine and the history of people of color in this country has fostered a love/hate relationship that is shared universally by people of color toward this governement and shall continue until the day we are no longern bound by the "foot on the neck" policy this government has endured with dark skinned people. There are or (were) things I loved about this country and there are things i hate about it as well; which one out weighs heaviest, actually I do not know.



Petula said...

Uh... can I get some separate paragraphs and what not? I was gonna say, "You're so serious"... LOL... Then I remembered your blog title. Hmmmm?? Any other blog idea?

No, I'm kidding.

Welcome to the blogging world... Did I say that already?

Patrick Swift said...

I happened on to this post quite randomly, and I would like to respond to a few points in your blog.

Firstly, assuming the accusation of dumping waste in coastal waters is true, it's quite irresponsible to say "The Americans and Europeans". That's pretty vague, don't you think? Which Americans and Europeans? Is it our governments? Is it the multi-national corporations?

Then, you make damn sure to point out that it's white people who are doing it. Last I checked, America and Europe are chock-full of pretty much every race and creed under the sun. This goes from the lowest neighborhood in Mobile, Alabama to the governments of all these nations.

I also read, as a point of interest, that if America was to experience a major drought or a huge famine in some way or another, 400 million people would die in Africa. That's how much we're doing for those poor, impoverished countries you mentioned. Dumping or no dumping, we as a nation are propping those countries up.

As another point of contention, I cannot accept the rhetoric that these pirates are actually freedom fighters when the ships they are keelhauling have nothing to do with dumping industrial waste. They stole a whole ship full of tanks one time, petroleum oil the next, and they even nabbed a Dutch crew not that long ago that was hauling something so innocuous that I can't even remember what it was.

They are lawbreakers, simple as that. They are not fighting for their freedom or their health or any of the other iniquities all the "foreign devils" you mention are laying down on them. It's just a matter of money, friend.

And Good Lord, enough with the "houseniggery" and "samboism". It's really, really old. Obama didn't make some kind of huge, arm-waving deal about being black because he's focusing on what's more important for our world today - that he's a human being. End of list. Your color should be a point of interest, not a line in the sand to die over.

You want proof? He's keeping up all those grain shipments to Africa, right in the middle of our biggest depression since the 1930's. That's some love for the black man right there.

Oh, and enough with the "foot on the neck" stuff already. It's pretty tired. You want to talk to someone who's actually being held down by the American government? Go talk to a guy from Yemen or Syria who tries to get on a plane to see relatives back home. At least they're not strip searching you at the airport, buddy.

Even despite that, the fact of the matter is that there isn't a single other country in the world where it's so easy to get ahead on your own merit. That's all that should matter - your skin color, your religion or lack thereof, what music you listen to, who you lay in bed with at night . . . it's all cause for some people to hate, of course, but the truth is that if you are a person of character, merit, and ambition, you can do anything you want to in America. Learn that, and love it, friend.