Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Keep Yo' Eye On Yo' Luggage!

"Yes, he has his bags back, but the cash
and underwear are missing..."

Dang. You lose your job in one city, get a job in another one and on Day 1, before you can even settle down and get to know the place, someone takes off with your cash and your drawers. Do I even want to know what he intended to do with the underwear?

And the thing is, you were caught on camera taking the stuff. The best excuse you could come up with was that your teammate, who was also cut, asked you to pick up his luggage, which just happened to be outside the head coach's office. No, the TEAM PRESIDENT"S OFFICE!!! I'm the team president of an NFL franchise, yet I personally want to meet with the guy my coaches cut last week... so I can wish him a happy career elsewhere? Make sure he got all his crap out the lockers?

And hmm, he brought the luggage to a female accomplice's house... never mind if she took the money, what if she took the underwear? Do you trust a woman who would steal another man's underwear?

I find this all to be mildly entertaining, obviously. That's what happens when the Yanks miss the playoffs for the first time in fourteen years...

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