Monday, February 11, 2008


Have you noticed these recent spate of commercials by Chips Ahoy! and Pop-Tarts showing humanized cookies being viciously attacked and kidnapped by an ubiquitous unseen hand, or by hordes of maniacally greedy, self-indulgent children? I have.
Aren't you tired of bloodthirsty, homicidal commercialism yet? What, being a cartoon means that it's not rooted in the truth, that it doesn't influence the way young minds think? Trust me, I've watched enough classic Tom & Jerry to to explain why I would even think on this level.

Indicative of ou
r society's penchant for short attention spans, I have completely lost my train of thought. With that, I am off to the lavatory to settle down with a good, long book. Cheers! >;)


BunnyDeneuve said...

I tried to read too much in the Chips Ahoy commercial, because I have a very wild imagination. I mean the white hand grabbing a cookie singing to a white woman and the cookie partly being chocolate made me think... Is it forbidden love? Is the white hand everywhere, the everywhere hand? Is it always looking? Is it the law? Is the hand everywhere as though it is divine and can see all things at all time, and came in to prevent this forbidden love? Why this setting?

KJ Sampson said...

That last sentence, Will?

Toooo much information.

Just sayin'. :)

Chyll Will said...

C'mon, I'll bet most people don't know what a lavatory is, much less read good long books. >;)