Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Usual Drive-By Shooting

That's the thought that went through my head as I walked onto my block and was suddenly sprayed with pellets from a group of jerks driving around in a silver sedan with a pellet gun. I had just finished work (I'm currently PAing on an indie film) late as usual, and had taken the subway home as usual, and had walked down the empty streets as usual, turning onto my block as usual when I felt something stinging me on my bicep and bouncing off my back, along with the muffled "pffft" of a pellet gun repeatedly shooting at me. I decided to duck after it occurred to me that they might shoot at my head if I didn't. They drove down the block slowly as I tried and failed to read the license plate (it was nearly midnight, after all).

I was rather annoyed to say the least, and would have just ignored the whole incident as kids being jerks and no real harm done, except that in the Bronx even seemingly random attacks can add up to something deeper, such as practice for something perhaps unusual. I'm not scared of getting shot, as I've had guns pointed at me on several occasions and if it happens, it happens. I would probably react to getting shot in the arm or leg the same way as I did here; what the fuck? Oh, shit... oww, that was really-really annoying...

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macedonia said...

i'm just glad you're okay, man.