Saturday, November 3, 2007

Wowzers, Sat. Nov. 3

It's strange how we were just talking about this today... the team I've been driving around for the show I'm currently working on had been bantering about the Olympic Marathon Trials at Central Park and the impending New York City Marathon, taking place tomorrow. There's myself, Tommy, the still photographer and R.A., his assistant, and as we were driving along the two of them were discussing the marathon... R.A. had been invited to run, but Tommy was convincing him not to do it. "Dude, the human body was not made to run 26 miles on asphalt in the cold." I agree on principle, and R.A. agreed, perhaps also out of age and recent activity. He called his friend and told him he wasn't joining, and that was that.

Later, I got home and as I'm checking my email, I see a headline in Yahoo News stating that one of the top U.S. runners competing for a spot in the Beijing Olympics in the trials taking place today collapsed and died about a fifth of the way into the race. I called R.A. immediately and told him what happened...

Wowzers is all we could say.

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