Monday, October 1, 2007

Ken Burns, We Do Exist... Why Have You Forsaken Us?

This reporter has been saying this for years. Ken Burns noted documentary filmmaker sometimes one has to wonder: WHAT IS IT THAT LATIN-AMERICANS ARE NOT INCLUDED!

From the Civil War, Baseball, Jazz, documentaries where the hell are we! The Latin-Americans! Why did this person have a bad experience with them or is it he’s to lazy to do research!

Let’s take the Baseball documentary. Juan Gonzalez of the NY Daily News said it best. “In that documentary five minutes talking about Latin-Americans! During the chapter on the Negro Leagues no mention of the game being played in Latin America.

No mention of the fact that many Negro League players got their baseball careers started in the countries of Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico. Hey Ken!!! Have you ever heard of Martin Dihigo! Pete Rose made a name for himself becoming an all-star in five different positions. Dihigo was a genius in every position.
He was called “The Immortal” he is the only baseball player to elected to four baseball hall of fames. In the USA, Venezuela, Cuba and Mexico, Satchel Paige Negro League Hall of Fame player stated in Hall of Fame speech “I’m not the best Dihigo was!

Why was that not included?!

To add the first year of Jackie Robinson 1947, no mention of the New York Cubans. Who won the Negro League Championship that year! No mention of baseball in Latin-America and the fact that several Negro League players got their careers started in Latin-America. Moving forward to the era of the 1960’s he mentions that two pitchers in the National League dominated that decade. He mentions Hall of Famers Bob Gibson and Sandy Koufax, yet no mention of Juan Marichal...


Are you blind/deaf! At the same time no mention of other Latino ballplayers who made a name for themselves in that decade. Tony Perez, Orlando Cepeda, Luis Aparacio. All these four are in the Baseball Hall of Fame!

The Jazz documentary; no mention of the contributions by Latin-Americans. No mention of individuals Machito, Mario Bauza, Tito Puente. Hey Burns! Are you aware that the majority of those Afro-Americans Charlie Parker, Dexter Gordan, Dizzy, all got their careers of the ground with the help of these Latin-Americans. No mention of that in the documentary. No mention of Latin-Jazz, Salsa, Merengue, nothing!

Did you do proper research? Did you ask of any of today’s Latin Jazz performers, and Latin Music performers? Was it because you couldn’t speak their language? Or was it that they were just as good as these Africans?

Now this World War II documentary many Latin-American media activists want to know after all the yelling, screaming, will you include Latinos? My grandfather(mother’s side) served this country in that war, if he were alive today he’d be so happy! If not then PBS should not show it! Let’s see if the screaming, yelling paid off!

Are you listening/reading BURNS???!!!!

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