Sunday, August 12, 2007

Cashman + Joe = How'ya Like Me Now!

Well. Having the best record in baseball after the All-Star break, not even to mention the best record in New York does wonders for a man's image. Or should I say men. Brian Cashman, routinely lit up in newspapers and on blogs (including my favorite) is right now enjoying Prodigal Son status as his recent picks Phil (From The Future) Hughes and Joba (Mr. LuvaMan) Chamberlain have made their presence not only known, but more felt than velvet at the Met. Hughes, as every Yankee fan knows, is the Leader of the New School; what with his makeup and his plus variety of pitches. But I have to tell you, I like Joba. Not because he's a bredren Native American, mind you (what, I didn't tell you? My mother's grandfather was a full-blooded Choctaw who rode with Teddy Roosevelt up San Jacinto, but that's another story), but because he's got the best damn slider, period. This pitch would even make the devil jump back and say, "Damn!" Even more than that, he's cool. In short interviews so far, he has comported himself with maturity and a focus that is refreshing. I predict that one day, he'll be what Mo is to the team now.

How cool was it to see Phil, Joba and Mo pitch in succession, shutting down a team while in hot pursuit of something more? What got me the most, while watching Mo warm up on YES, was how young he looked. It was like watching a moment of time from some time ago; there was brightness in his eyes and pop in his fastball. Next thing you know, there was splinters on the infield as his cutter did exactly that, as usual.

This, ladies and gentlemen, has been a pleasure. Especially since the local papers, whom I still despise, have been falling all over themselves to now praise the two men they felt were the biggest losers in a season that appeared lost only a few months ago. My only wish at this point is that the newspapers in October are printed on fallen ticker-tape (and that all the unsold papers be left on every front lawn in Queens.) But I digress...

I certainly invite comments from baseball fans, as there is lots to talk about, but I only ask that you be sensible with your comments. I like wit and cleverness, not trolls. I won't deem you a troll if your a fan of another team, but I will if you only blather and leave insults or epithets. Otherwise, have fun; I'll be back with some other stuff later on >;)

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