Monday, June 25, 2007

"Yankees Suck!" Replaces Pledge of Allegience as Top Exercise in Irony

You heard it for years in a rival town close by, forever regarded as the birthplace of the revolution in this country. You heard it across the river and around their own hometown. You heard it when two of the teams screaming it the most in that same town fled to the West. And you hear it every time they go to podunk and engage another team, whether they're in for the umpteenth time or the first time in years.

Yankees suck! Yankees suck!

You're probably hearing it a lot more often than usual this year. They got off to a very rough start, what with injuries and all, then started a significant surge before falling back to earth once again.

Yankees suck! Yankees suck!

The Head Idiot In Charge cares nothing for the weeping and nashing of teeth from the fans; his only concern is that the economy moves upward and that trends continue in a growth pattern. His useless minions sabotage the efforts of the few generals in charge that know more than enough how to handle the situation, but are hogtied by resistance from the enemy and resistance from the top.

Yankees suck! Yankees suck!

It reverberates in the ears from the tube, chuckles and winks from the papers and rips apart families from coast to coast. The losing gets worse and worse and people climb further to the edge, or strike matchs in anticpation of a massive self-immolation.

Yankees suck! Yankees suck!

Well, folks, this is turning out to be one hell of a bad season, and it's not even halfway over, it seems. I'll tell you... Iraq has turned into a quagmire of biblical proportions, and Bush will easily make history as the Worst President Ever...

And the wind cries: Yankees suck! Yankees suck!

(what did you expect, me bashing the New York Yankees? Get a grip, I'm loading up for the trade deadline... but for now we've got far more important issues at hand! >;)

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