Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Well, here we are. Welcome one and all to my first foray into moderating my own blog.

For those who have no idea who I am (and with apologies to those who do), I am known in this dimension as Chyll Will; aspirer of many things art and business-like. I'm an artist (comics, illustrations, computer graphics, etc.), an actor (film and stage, though I'm still in the in-fink stages), entrepreneur (I co-published an arts/entertainment magazine and I intend to publish my own comic strips) , music purveyor (I'm part of a trio of music-collage artists called Cut-Up City) and among other things, a smart-aleck (you'll see a lot of that soon enough.)

I'll be moderating these posts for the time being, though I have a gathering storm of talented friends, people I love dearly and would give everything I have for if need be. You'll meet them in the hours and days ahead, but in the meantime lets talk some more about me >;)

Let me first say many thanks and blessings to the community of Baseball Toaster, in particular Bronx Banter; where you'll often see my persona attached to some wacky comment in relation to the Yankees or playing off of what another "Banterer" has said. It was my family at Banter who encouraged me to start this blog right away, and in many senses has taught me how to do so, hopefully in an interesting and insightful manner. So, special thanks to Alex Belth and Cliff Corcoran for hosting the best Yankee blog; as a matter of fact, one of the best blogs in the notion of cyberspace. And Big Up to Ken Arneson for the Baseball Toaster for creating the world that hosts Banter and other other really cool, insightful and inventive team blogs. Thanks for putting up with me >;)

I'll be talking about many things that come to mind; cartoons, current events, personal observations and personal events, rant-rant-rant, you get the picture. Over time, I'll likely settle into a groove that you'll be familiar and comfortable with (or you'll get tired and ignore me), but at least there will be variety!

So far on the team is macedonia, a fellow member of Cut-Up City; intelligencia musique is an interesting way to begin to describe him, but you can also expect intensive thought therapy from this gentleman. Also on the roster is Aqua Boogie; visualist extraordinaire and existentially cool. There are a few more coming about and I'll introduce them as they come.

So. look around, kick the tires a bit if you wish, but most importantly, enjoy. We have a lot of opinions about a lot of things, but always respect each other and let's see where this goes. See you in blog world!

Love, Chyll Will >;)

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Hey Chyll Will, don't forget to check out Sicko. It's amazing!