Sunday, January 22, 2012

We Need To Talk About Kevin By Gerlyne

'We Need To Talk About Kevin' is a beautiful film that explores Freud's mother and son theory. In the movie, a mother gives birth to a demonic child, (Kevin), who cannot decide whether he loves his mother or wants her to die. He dislikes her.  She senses that something is wrong with him even though she tries to love him because she is his mother. The father however remains clueless that the boy is ‘evil’ and is insensitive to her complaints.

 Kevin has a rather strong relationship with his father whom he adores, which is odd since his mother is rather stunning. One wonders while watching the film if Freud had it wrong.  Could it be that a son can be more drawn to his father than his mother although he is not a homosexual male? What modern day boy hates his mother? Why does he love his father so much?

Nevertheless, I think that Freud is right in claiming that the Oedipal complex exists.  The mom is in essence the first woman and love for her son. The mom cooks, cleans, and loves her son.  In fact, the love that the son receives from his mother is so strong that no woman ever dares to compare to his first love, the MOTHER.  However, sometimes there is a struggle within the son about such unnatural thoughts about his mother and he begins to hate her instead and grows a bond with his father as a means to compensate for the love he lacks from his mother.  He wonders, is it weird for me to think of my mother as my girlfriend? Is it okay to wish I were an infant to go back to her safe womb? Such unnatural t thoughts can make a son fantasize about killing mommy and fucking her.  So instead of loving his mom, he hates her for creating him because if he were never born, then he would not be able to fantasize about her.

 The movie is great in that it leaves Kevin a mystery and you take from the movie your own conclusion. In a year so full of Oscar worthy films, 'We Need To Talk About Kevin' deserves an Oscar for editing. The movie was well edited.  My friend watched it with me and he was confused, because he was lost as to what the movie is about.  Given time though, it all came together.  I think the editing was done that way so that the audience could understand the characters’ turmoil.  If the movie had been told in a straightforward way, it would have been just a story and not special.  The editing made it different, and though there are plenty of stories about ‘evil’ boys, this was just different.  Why? The editing made it artistic and created the uniqueness that Oscar films have.  The editing gave you the feeling that you were in the main character’s head, meaning confused.  It also confused you just enough to hypnotize you and make you curious as to how this movie would end.