Monday, December 26, 2011

Say Hello To My Little Friend!

D'Artagnan (Christmas Eve, 2011)
On Christmas Eve of 2011, I brought this little fellow to his new home. Born in the Bronx sixth or more months ago, D'Artagnon has been a welcome addition to the family (except maybe from the guinea pigs' perspectives) and has adjusted very nicely to his surroundings. He's a handsome armful of sleek fur and personality; his default energy position seems to be warp speed, especially when he finds something particularly interesting. But when he's offline... I've never seen a cat that could out-flat a pancake without even trying until now.  On top of that, his lineage seems to include rubber bands; when he stretches, he takes up half the couch. It will be interesting when he becomes a full-grown adult; all the civil rights and political discussions (I would think that he is a Maoist, but then he has empirical tendencies when it comes to territory and certain places he's not allowed to encroach upon).

D'Artagnan (named after Gene Kelly's dashing upstart of Three Musketeers fame for what will be obvious reasons when you click on the link) is an American Bombay; a breed that was introduced in 1958 as a way to recreate a "miniature panther". He's somewhat needy and loves attention, but he gets along well with everyone. He's got to be the sweetest kitty I've met in a while; engaging and friendly, quick reflexes and intelligent. I grew up with dogs and cats, so I know certain things to expect, but I'm looking forward to discovering what kind of tricks he has in his bag (maybe we can trade a secret or two).  Feel free to post any expert kitty advice, and I'll be sure to pass on any questions you might have for him (he's rather articulate for a year-old).  Miao... er, I mean Ciao!