Saturday, November 6, 2010

This or That: "Love Won't Let Me Wait"

I'm going through some writer's block again; I'm trying to write a treatment for an epic miniseries while editing my script for Community Service; at the same time producing (for lack of a better term) a short horror flick for some Bronxnet buddies. Meanwhile my roomie and I survived a flood in our apartment that could have been a lot more tragic (picture a burst pipe spraying water directly onto an open circuit breaker box). Mix that all together and you have a nice case of writer's block. 

In an effort to break the block, I'm tossing around some ideas and sharing them with you.  One of them is This or That, a not very original idea, but with some serious consideration about which of the paired items discussed is better and why.  I won't yet tell you which one I prefer, not until I read some interesting thoughts about the one you voted for. 

First up, I give you the ballad Love Won't Let Me Wait, recorded most famously first by Major Harris and covered brilliantly by Luther Vandross.  Others have made versions of this song, but these two are not only the best known versions, but in all fairness the best two.  And of the two, which do you think is the top choice?

Major Harris (1975)

Luther Vandross (1988)

Choose the one you like best and why. 

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