Sunday, September 26, 2010

The HTC EVO 4G: Lessons Sent in Ridiculous Packaging

"Sim simma, who the keyz to ma beama?"

"Do you want fries and a drink with that?"

Sometimes life gives us lessons sent in ridiculous packaging. - Dar Williams

I just recently bought this new Droid phone and, not for nothing, my only complaint is the packaging. I mean, it is a phone and technological device that costs almost $500 retail and they don't even take the time to pay attention to a fine detail such as the packaging of the thing.

Call me old-fashioned, but I remember a time when companies took the time to pay attention to the pristine package design for a superior product. However, this superior product for the money spent comes packaged in what appears to be a Ramen noodles pack or something of the likes purchased at your local store in Chinatown, NYC. I have no idea what the marketing team at HTC was thinking when they decided on the packaging of the product; it really is quite horrible.

Now, while I'm no expert on cell phone marketing or distribution, yet appears that it would behoove any cell phone manufacturer to make certain that their product is properly represented in the market place among so much competition. I would never have expected such a high-end device to be presented so poorly.

It doesn't even come with headphones. Really?

Talk about being a stingy, greedy, capitalist pig-headed company. This to me represents the apex of capitalist debauchery to the highest degree. Don't get me wrong here, it is a superior product, but imagine if you bought a Ferrari and the key was given to you in a plain manila envelope with a faded logo haphazardly stamped on it... I'll bet if you had the money, you would probably not buy another Ferarri, no?

The same thing applies here. It boasts itself as being the Ferrari of cell phones and the first 4G phone released to the public, yet it is packaged like it's being sold behind the counter at a discount dollar store. It just doesn't make any sense, no matter how you slice it.

I may not be a big fan of Macintosh and their products, but at least they have the class to present their iPhone 4 to the world and its consumers in a very pristine, classy package that demands respect.

And it came with headphones!!!! (...well, okay maybe not those, but the principle's the same. )

What a bright idea, a multimedia device that comes with headphones. Maybe all of the geniuses work for Steve Jobs. The new, bold 4G iPhone comes packaged in a box that is vacuum sealed; upon opening, the consumer hears the rushing sound of suction accompanied by that special factory-new  smell of freshness; an item made with care and competence. Comparing the two, these phones are clearly like night and day. To me, Mac clearly took pride in their new release to mobile telephony market, whereas HTC just threw it out there and said, "Here, now stop whining!"

The nicest thing I can say is that it is a disappointment that HTC allowed for their product to be packaged so poorly and not even include a pair of headphones to accompany the pricey device. It is a resounding slap in the face to any consumer who has chosen this product because they feel it is superior and will add ease and convenience to their lives.

Shame on you HTC... the only thing this package is missing is a pair of chopsticks and some class.