Thursday, June 25, 2009

AlazkanTheWanted on Beauty

Let me ask a simple question...Have you ever taken the time to experience the beauty in the world, in the night's sky, in the sounds of life?  these are things I fear mankind has taken for granted for far too long a time.  I mean, have you ever taken the time to notice a happy child smile?  A thing of beauty to behold...The sound of cicadas has long since vanished from our ears and yet no one misses it; for The Ipod sounds too good...Crickets during dusk, where are they?  Even the scent of the honeysuckle has escaped our senses, but yet it has gone unnoticed by the masses.  Beauty is a thing to behold; truly.  The sound of the merriment of others has been reduced to a nuisance...What happened?  Life is no longer enjoyed by those who have it still.  Mountains as far as the eye can see replaced by Condominiums, Golf Courses, and Parking Lots...Forests replaced by Processing Plants, Factories, and Testing Grounds...The Red Robin no longer sings for He is drowned out by the Sound of The Modern Mechanism, The Siren, and The Horn; even if he could sing, where He pirch?  Beauty is a thing to behold, but has long since been forsaken by mankind, He who charged with a mission of Sentry to protect it.  The Sun no longer shines Bright, for it has been arrested by The Smog, Wounded, and Defeated.  Provisions of Nature now developed in a laboratory.  When is the last time The Morning Dew was observed settling on a Ripe, Red Tomato and truly appreciated by the masses of mankind?  For far too long have the Elements not been given their proper respect.  A thing of beauty to be held, since forgotten.  The Sunflower in all of its Glory ceases to grow, for mankind has gone to wild.  Simple desires replaced by Dollar Dreams and Monumental Egocentricity.  When will we learn?  beauty is truly a thing to behold.  The smell of barbecue...mmmmm...The Ocean in all of Her Glory has been Defiled, Raped, and Abused; Her fruits have been tainted by mankind's iniquity.  Up and down, Right and Left, North and South, Advancement; these are all relative terms.  Depending on perspective Advancement can be seen as digression, yet beauty Remains...Still forsaken.  The Forest seeks to retreat but has not a place...Where have we gone wrong?  How were we spoiled?  Will our Eyes ever again witness the beauty to behold?  The sound of a river's quiet current has left recollection for even she has been replaced by the cacophony of mankind's ingenuity.  It knows No Bounds.  Beauty forgotten but still a thing to behold...

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