Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This Little Guy

I was walking home from the doctor's this afternoon and I turned down one of the back streets towards my house, when...


I'd seen him/her? him, when I was on my way to the doctor's, only he was perched on the step of a house that was itself perched on a small, but steep hill. Now he was on the street with me, lampin' as it was. I said, "Hey there, you!" and he decided to stroll over and chat (which, all things considered, is natural for le chat). As I also happened to be carrying three grocery bags full of food, he was a bit curious. "Whatcha got in the bag, dad?" he leaned his head inside and purred kittenly. "Oh nuthin', just thought I'd cook dinner tonight instead of goging out for Burger King," I said, lifting the bag slightly off the ground so that he hung in mid-air. "Ain't nuthin' like cookin' fur yurself," he continued, "it's much better for yer system. It won't drag ya down or leave ya hangin'..."

A dour woman walked past us quickly, and I lowered the bag so he wouldn't get stepped on. When she passed, he hung his head inside the bag again, I lifted him and the bag off the ground and we continued.

"You're such a nice kitty. I don't usually see you guys so interested in what I have to say, usually you look at me like I'm gonna eat you or ask you for money." I softly twirled the nape of his neck as he purred contentedly.

"Well, I don't know much about that, but then agin', I don't know much aboutanythin' since I just got here myself only a little while ago," he replied, eyeballing the London broil.

"You're in for a real treat, then. Seems you came at the right moment. We're in the throughs of history as we speak, or so I'm told."

"Yeah? Well don't that beat all. What's it about?"

"Well, this cat was just elected President, and he's the first man of his particular type to be so honored in such a way. What's more important is that in doing so, he's given a whole lot of people a lift, in that now they can dream a little bigger and mean it, if they want to."

"Is that right? A cat as President?"

"Well, yes and no..."

"Well, whutevah that means, I hope he's as cool as this cucumber ya got in here. Hey, what's that..."

I lifted him out of the bag just as a much larger cat tracked our ever step from above; from what I could tell this was obviously Mommy.

"Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me!" she looked at me somewhat nervously. I handed kitten to a somewhat bemused Mommy and politely excused myself. As I crossed the street, I looked back, and junior was trying to follow me.

"Hey, stay there! Stay with Mommy!"

"Well, all I wanted tuh say was good-bye, it was nice talkin' with ya, mistuh..."

I smiled and walked down the sloping road towards my house. Halfway down, I stopped. Damn, I forgot to take a picture! I raced back up the sloping road to where I left the two of them together.

They were already gone.

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