Sunday, November 30, 2008

"Keep Practicing, Kiddo!"

That's what Lucy told Schroeder as he was playing Beethoven on his "toy" piano before kissing him (to his eternal annoyance) and wandering off. Schroeder, after regrouping, calmly launched into one of the best musical moments in animated history.

(Though the clip begins way before the moment, it leads into it around the 5:00 mark and includes the movement in the movie.)

Just felt like sharing. There are certainly other musical animated moments that compare favorably to this, but this was a cathartic moment for our child prodigy and for millions of fans who suffered silently alongside good ol' Charlie Brown. Maybe I'll start listing my favorite moments, but if you have any suggestions, feel free to comment... >;)

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macedonia said...

it's a moment where a young child plays and envisions things bigger than himself. and essentially, many of the characters within the peanuts strips (particularly charlie brown) stayed within this headspace. that's what made it so wonderful. i miss charles schultz dearly...