Thursday, October 9, 2008

a CTW moment: -tion, -tion, -tion, -tion...

for those who are wondering , CTW stands for Children's Television Workshop. i consider myself a child of CTW and proud of it. i had been thinking about sharing some CTW moments captured for posterity on youtube and figured, yeah, why not?

the first is courtesy of The Electric Company. Sesame Street will always have a special place in my heart, but TEC is my absolute favorite. so much so that i realized i can remember a box set's worth of skits and songs that didn't make it into the first two DVD volumes. that's kinda frightening. at any rate, i reckon if this were the official going green campaign song, everybody would be recycling. file under "environmentally funky"...

Sunday, October 5, 2008

On The Road Again: Celebrity Apprentice 2

Guess I'm gonna be driving around in circles in Midtown Manhattan again; ducking, dodging, bumping and rubbing my way through pedestrians ignoring traffic lights and taxi sudden-stops and cutoffs in the middle of six-lane boulevards as Celebrity Apprentice rears its head for a second (technically eighth) time. This is my second go-around with this show; I did learn more about NYC driving than at any other point in my life, not to mention knowing traffic patterns and stupid behavior by drivers and pedestrians alike. If anything, it shows that this show is located in the right place.

Last season, I drove around photographer Tommy Baynard and company as they shot photo of the proceedings throughout. Tommy's a great guy to hang around with; laid back and generous, with a beautiful young family. The pictures he took were the ones you saw in the papers the next day while the show was broadcasting. Too bad he won't be back this year. I hoped that I would be able to work with him this year, as he promised I would be able to work more closely with him as he found out I was interested in photography myself. Oh well.

I signed up hoping I would get to drive nights this time (so much easier to drive NYC at nights), but alas I'm stuck on day shift again; I'm one of their better and more presentable drivers, I guess.

After this, I'm hoping to sign up with a traveling show so I can work outside the city for the winter. My film partner insists that he'll need me on-set when we go into production for any of our developing projects, but then he's got a six-month gig taking him out of town, so hey. I'm finishing a short screenplay about a crack mother and her drama today, then I'm diving into some shot footage to assemble a story line from. So, as the money starts trickling in, I'm staying busy for the next month. If anything tickles or ticks me off, I'll let you know; stay tuned! >;)